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Structural Steel

Structural Steel

Prairie Steel Services provides safe erection of all types of steel products, including angles, channels, I-beams and columns for any type of construction project.

Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings

Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings

Prairie Steel Services Inc. is proficient in the installation of cost-efficient alternatives to conventional building design, including pre-engineered metal building systems.

Metal Decking

Metal Decking

Prairie Steel Services crews install metal decking using approved field installation drawings and specifications that meet specific project requirements.

Nelson Stud Welding

Nelson Stud Welding

Prairie Steel Services workers are well-versed in both arc and capacitor discharge welding techniques, including Nelson Stud Welding, to match any job or project.

Industrial Structural Renovation

Industrial Structural Renovation

The Prairie Steel Services team specializes in safe and efficient steel erection associated with renovation projects for large-scale industrial structures.



Prairie Steel Services Inc. provides safe and sturdy shoring services for construction projects, including placing caisson walls and supports for precast concrete panels.

Heavy Machinery Placing

Heavy Machinery Placing

Prairie Steel Services Inc. is able to provide supplementary services, including moving and placement of heavy machinery and equipment on jobsites.

Structural Demolition

Structural Demolition

The Prairie Steel Services team provides highly skilled workers, specialty equipment and engineered shoring solutions for even the most complex structural demolition projects.

Pre-Cast Concrete

Pre-Cast Concrete

Prairie Steel Services Inc. is experienced in multiple types of precast concrete erection, including architectural spandrel and multi-story wall panels.

Safety + Success

Prairie Steel Services, Inc. is an AISC Certified Erector dedicated to providing a quality product, service, and expediency in steel delivery and erection. Our job is the framework on which other tradesmen rely. Our field staff has experience with projects ranging from 10 to 10,000 ton, and we assure consistent delivery of quality performance.

Our management team are experts in incorporating innovative safety designs, developing and enforcing the company’s safety policies, and ensuring safe operations. PSSI has been responsible for the safe and successful completion of projects ranging from new construction to remodeling of existing facilities.

A cornerstone of Prairie Steel Services, Inc. is the excellent client relationships we have maintained over the years. Our ability to meet schedules, exceed owners’ expectations, and bring projects in on time and under budget, can all be traced back to the great working relationships we have developed.

The Prairie Steel Services Team

Management Team

The Prairie Steel Services team blends a variety of experiences to bring excellence to every project.  Our management team communicates with construction managers, project engineers, and superintendents to create and implement a plan to erect each structure safely and within budget.

Field Crew

Our field crew has a wealth of knowledge from working on both large- and small-scale projects. They are experts in all stages of erecting a structure, from safely placing heavy machinery or installing decking material, to setting steel girders and assembling pre-cast concrete panels.

Office Staff

Our office staff provides support with contracts, documentation, and billing, so that projects can be completed on time and within budget.  This organized group also assists project managers and field staff with information management and distribution.

Team Members

Michael Broeren

Michael Broeren serves as President and Safety Director for Prairie Steel Services, Inc. “Our management team is diverse. Clients get the depth of knowledge from our experienced field staff, and new and innovative ideas from the younger project managers,” he notes. “There is great support for creative thinking and implementation.”

Dean Derby

Dean Derby serves as a Consultant for Prairie Steel Services, Inc.  He has over 45 years of experience in the structural steel industry, beginning as an ironworker in 1966 before moving to the role of superintendent in 1978. Dean draws on his vast knowledge to advise and guide the PSSI team in providing consistently safe services for every client.

Austin Hogue

Austin Hogue serves as the Quality Control Safety Manager for Prairie Steel Services, Inc. Austin’s responsibilities include overseeing safety concerns, reviewing plans and specs, preparing project schedules, communicating with subcontractors, and coordinating safety considerations for each of his projects.

Jacob Scott

Jacob Scott serves as the Senior Estimator for Prairie Steel Services, Inc. Jake’s responsibilities include bidding public and private projects, updating and tracking cost histories, and evaluating the current market.

Jeremy Ochs

Jeremy Ochs is Vice President of Operations for Prairie Steel Services. His daily responsibilities include quality control and subcontractor coordination, as well as jobsite safety.  Jeremy’s goal is to ensure the project is on schedule and completed to the highest quality of craftsmanship possible.

Tim Zoch

Tim Zoch is a Field Foreman for Prairie Steel Services. Tim started his career in 1999 when he joined the Local 380. In 2011, Tim gained further experience by working for CSX Rail Road as a Bridge Mechanic. During his time with CSX he worked in over 5 states doing new construction bridges, maintenance, repair, and  emergency repair. Tim draws on his previous experiences to help him in the field on a daily basis.

Donnie Spencer

Donnie Spencer is a Field Foreman for Prairie Steel Services. Donnie brings a wealth of knowledge to the PSSI team, with 22 years of hands-on experience
in the field including thirteen years of working with steel in a fabrication shop. Donnie’s daily responsibilities include scheduling and coordinating on-site ironworkers, monitoring activity on the jobsite, and stepping in to help his team as needed.

Jason Tuthill

Jason Tuthill is a General Foreman for Prairie Steel Services. Jason brings his knowledge of construction management, architecture, and ironwork to the PSSI team. Jason’s responsibilities include on-site communication with ironworkers and project managers, monitoring jobsite activity, and problem-solving to help his team complete tasks safely and efficiently.

Amy Bergman

When asked about her role at PSSI, Amy Bergman notes, “I like that every day is different with new challenges.” As a Contract Administrator, Amy has the unique opportunity of interacting with all Prairie Steel Services projects in some capacity from bidding through final completion. Amy assists the team with information management and distribution, works on pre- and post-bid document control, and serves as a contact point for contract administration.

Kelly Rodgers

“It’s rewarding to streamline our billing process and ensure our vendors and subcontractors are funded as quickly as possible. I enjoy being an integral part of maintaining good vendor and client relationships, and ultimately supporting a project’s success.” As Accounts Payable Manager, Kelly Rodgers develops a great relationship with vendors and subcontractors, and works directly with the owners and title companies to provide the required documents needed for project funding.

Karen Cooley

As Accounting Manager, Karen Cooley gets to see the big picture of what is happening at Prairie Steel Services Inc., how it all comes together, and the outcome of the company’s efforts. “It’s very rewarding to see the fruits of our hard work,” she notes. Karen’s responsibilities include reviewing all financial documents for accuracy, providing company financial statements, and overseeing the entire accounting department including an annual audit.

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